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Four Decades of Discovery

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of RP Fighting Blindness.

As part of our 40th anniversary, we want to do something astounding; we want to give at least one additional research project - that brings us closer to a cure or treatment for RP - the go ahead.

RP Fighting Blindness has now been funding medical research for four decades. We’re proud of the cutting edge nature of this work and that many of the UK’s leading and eminent researchers are involved in our portfolio of research projects.

Over the years, we’ve worked with many incredible research teams, each determined to drive scientific understanding and treatments for RP forward. Sadly we simply don’t have the funds to support them all. It’s so frustrating to decline very good science simply due to a lack of funding.

That’s where the Anniversary Research Fund comes in; by making £150,000 available we can invite scientists to submit their proposals to our Medical Advisory Board - and commit to supporting more of the best research.

So far we've raised £121,127 - will you help us reach our target?

RP Fighting Blindness members make a real difference. Without the millions we invested in the last 40 years many projects would not have happened and others would have been significantly delayed. In other words, we are nearer to treatment than ever before. Let’s not stop now.

At RP Fighting Blindness we firmly believe that there will come a time when people affected by RP and related retinal dystrophies will not lose their sight; retinal dystrophies will be treatable. There are of course many factors that might determine how soon we get to this point, and our own medical research programme is undoubtedly one of them.

Please will you support the Anniversary Research Fund? The more we can invest, the sooner we are likely to reach a day when RP will be treatable.

Every penny really does make a difference – we would love to be able to mark the 40th anniversary of the organisation in a really significant way, and you can help. Let’s move one step closer to a day when RP and related retinal dystrophies will be treatable. From everyone at RP Fighting Blindness, we thank you for your support.

You can do this by making a payment online, by calling RP Fighting Blindness head office to make a payment with your credit or debit card over the telephone, or by sending a cheque, made payable to RP Fighting Blindness to:

RP Fighting Blindness
PO Box 350
MK18 1GZ

To mark this important milestone in the organisation's history, 2016 will see a whole host of fundraisers up and down the UK.

If you're interested in hosting an RPFB 40th Anniversary fundraising event yourself, please get in contact by either calling Fundraising Manager Michelle on 01280 821334 or emailing her on

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