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Photograph of Lisa with her two daughters who have RP
"I’m a single mum and I’ve got two girls, Niamh and Ciara, both with recessive RP. Research is investing in their children’s future" Lisa McDonagh

Regular Giving to RP Fighting Blindness

Research is often at the heart of our hopes and dreams for the future, and it’s at the heart of this charity too. We’ve made several changes at RP Fighting Blindness to do the most we can to help beat RP, and now we need to ask for your help as well.

We want to accelerate research by increasing the funding we can offer research teams. Please will you consider sending a monthly gift?

We are very grateful for everything our supporters have done to help us to fund research and support people affected by RP. If you are able to help us to do even more – and get closer to finding new treatments or a cure – we would be even more thankful.

Over the last few years you’ll have noticed changes in RP Fighting Blindness. A bright new brand to attract more attention, more news direct from scientists and, in 2013, a change of status to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. All these changes make our charity better and more effective in its mission.

The natural next step is to provide a way to support research that is better all round. This is why we are asking people to consider giving every month by Direct Debit.

So how is this better?

For research teams it means no breaks in funding, so skilled scientists can continue their crucial work without interruption. For RP Fighting Blindness it means being able to say ‘yes’ to more research grant applications; it also means reduced admin costs because Direct Debits are so easy to manage. And for you, it means being able to support research directly and help bring about new treatments, with the reassurance that Direct Debits give you control.

Thanks to your support we have already come a long way. Each new finding becomes the foundation for the next breakthrough, bringing us closer to a treatment or cure. We want to accelerate this process by providing more support, to more scientists, more regularly so that one day no child like Niamh or Ciara – whose stories you can read at the link below – will face the cruel injustice of RP.

Please will you help us to accelerate research by setting up a Direct Debit today?

Click here to sign up now.

Please don't put it off, it will only take a few moments of your time. We promise to keep you in touch with our work through our quarterly magazine Look Forward with articles about our research programme.

Thank you!

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