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Photograph of Lisa with her two daughters who have RP
"I’m a single mum and I’ve got two girls, Niamh and Ciara, both with recessive RP. Research is investing in their children’s future" Lisa McDonagh

Regular Giving to RP Fighting Blindness

These are exciting times for blindness research, with promising developments in multiple areas of investigation, from utilising stem cell innovations to prolonging antioxidant capacity.

RP Fighting Blindness is committed to funding four such investigations and, with your help, would like to fund even more in the future. By providing more support, to more scientists, more regularly we intend to get closer to finding new treatments and ultimately a viable cure - so that a time will come where generations of families don’t have to fear losing their sight.

Even a small monthly donation to RP Fighting Blindness by Direct Debit can achieve something incredible. If half of all RP Fighting Blindness supporters gave £5 by Direct Debit each month the annual total would be £150,000, which is approximately enough to fund an additional major research grant every year.

And because Direct Debits are so cost-effective to administer – taking just a tenth of the time to process compared to Standing Orders – RP Fighting Blindness can ensure that each monthly donation made by Direct Debit is used exclusively to fund research.

Please will you help us to accelerate research today?

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Please don't put it off, it will only take a few moments of your time. We promise to keep you in touch with our work through our quarterly magazine Look Forward with articles about our research programme.

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