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Making a Regular Gift

RP Fighting Blindness marks its 40th anniversary this year and our remit continues as set out at the charity’s inception; 1) to stimulate and support peer-reviewed medical research with the aim of increasing scientific understanding of inherited retinal dystrophies and 2) to provide high quality and universally-accessible information and support services for people affected.

Thanks to our many supporters over the last 40 years, we have:

• Invested more than £14 million in medical research, funding more than 200 separate projects in the hope of finding a treatment or cure
• Launched a comprehensive helpline and befriending service, which is now supported by more than 30 volunteers, dealing with around 1,000 calls and emails a year
• Developed a thriving social media community; we have more than 4,500 members on our online information and support group.

The charity relies on donations from the general public to continue our work. Working alongside researchers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals, we provide:

• comprehensive information about inherited retinal dystrophies through our fully accessible website
• a unique tool for newly diagnosed patients and their families, The RP Pathway
• emotional support for those who need it via our telephone and email helplines and
befriending service
• a cutting-edge medical research programme
events giving patients the opportunity to hear about the latest research from the projects we fund
• opportunities for clinicians, eye health and other sensory support professionals to share best practice
• our magazine, available in a range of accessible formats, three times a year

All this would be impossible without our supporters; the charity simply wouldn’t exist.

Will you consider making a regular donation to support our work?

With more than 25,000 people in the UK, directly affected by an inherited retinal dystrophy – the leading cause of certifiable sight loss in the working age population in England and Wales – our support services and medical research funding are coming under increasing pressure. In order to help more people like Michelle, we need your financial support more than ever.

As we rely entirely on voluntary donations, you can make a real difference choosing to support us on a regular basis by Direct Debit. Regular giving is a valuable source of income for the charity which helps us plan and develop both our research programme and our support and information services with confidence. Your donations enable us to plan for the long term, secure in the knowledge that we can rely on this income. In addition, automated regular giving payments help us to save on administration, ensuring that more of your money can be spent on our core objectives.

To sign up, please click here or visit

Please help us secure the future for people affected by an inherited retinal dystrophy. Thank you.

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