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26 May 2016
A trio of eyeglasses using revolutionary prism techniques could open up a whole new field of view for patients with hemianopia and tunnel vision.
28 Apr 2016
Pioneering gene therapy has restored some vision to patients with choroideremia, raising hopes it could be used to cure common causes of vision loss, new University of Oxford research published today shows.
11 Apr 2016
Acucela Inc, of Seattle, has licenced the gene therapy developed by the University of Manchester. Acucela announced its plans to develop and commercialise the technology targeting the condition with the university.
07 Apr 2016
The Alpha AMS, developed by German company Retina Implant AG, has received its CE mark, allowing it to be marketed in Europe for patients with severe sight loss from RP.
06 Apr 2016
Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. has announced that, following a recommendation from health professionals who advise the UK Government’s healthcare funding authority for specialised services in England, a Public Consultation on a new policy on the NHS funding of Argus II for patients with RP has been issued.
22 Mar 2016
The first patient has been treated with ReNeuron’s cell therapy candidate for retinitis pigmentosa in a first-in-human US clinical trial.
01 Mar 2016
Chemically modified glass could be used in spectacles and contact lenses to improve vision in patients with retinitis pigmentosa, according to new research.
23 Feb 2016
Researchers in Texas are planning to use a ground-breaking neuroscience technique to attempt to restore the sight of blind people.
26 Jan 2016
Second Sight Medical Products has announced that half of the French patients selected for the forfait innovation program have received the Argus II bionic eye implant. Over the past 14 months, 18 people have received this implant through forfait innovation, from the French national healthcare program that provides reimbursement for innovative devices.
22 Jan 2016
A UK-based biotech company has been awarded £2.1m from Innovate UK to press ahead with ground-breaking research into stem cell therapy that could one day help the body regenerate organs and tissues damaged by disease.

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