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Optimising Vision and Obtaining Support

Ensuring that one has up to date spectacles and access to appropriate magnification aids and closed circuit television is helpful. Some people with RP find that tinted spectacles may improve contrast and may also be more comfortable to wear if they are troubled by glare. Also having a bright light source illuminating your reading material is often useful. User friendly computer software is available for enlarging print and also for converting print into the spoken word.

People with RP can also develop Cataracts and Macular Oedema. There are potential treatments available for both of these conditions which may help to improve the quality of vision.

It is best to obtain appropriate Educational Support at an early stage and to regularly reassess whether changes are required to the provisions that are in place. In certain circumstances Registration as sight-impaired or severely sight-impaired may be beneficial both for children and adults with RP.

Further help and support is available from RPFB (Contact Us) or the RNIB.

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