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Avoiding Things That May Accelerate Visual Loss

There is evidence that excessive exposure to bright sunlight may be harmful to the retina, especially if the retina is already damaged (as is the case in RP). Therefore, it is recommended that high quality UV-A and UV-B blocking sunglasses are worn, and in bright sunlight it may also be sensible to wear a hat with a broad rim.

It has now been established that smoking tobacco is harmful to the retina. It is therefore recommended that patients with RP should avoid smoking and also avoid environments in which they could be exposed to cigarette smoke. There is currently no evidence that alcohol is harmful to the retina, although excessive long-term alcohol consumption may be harmful.

A healthy balanced diet rich in fruit and green vegetables (rich in lutein) is also likely to be beneficial to the retina. It is also possible that oily fish rich in omega-3 may be beneficial.

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