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08 May 2017
A student at the University of Oxford engineered a novel prototype that could drastically alter the bionic implant space.
07 Apr 2017
An organic retinal prosthesis has restored light perception in blind rats with retinitis RP, suggesting that restoring sight in humans may soon be possible without the complex hardware required for today’s devices.
31 Mar 2017
American researchers are making progress on a retinal prosthesis that aims to restore functional vision to visually impaired people.
27 Mar 2017
Scientists have identified a brain chemical in zebrafish that could hold the key to how some fish are able to regrow damaged retinas, which could be translated into human treatments.
20 Mar 2017
Researchers have started a new gene therapy clinical trial to treat X-linked RP. The trial is being run by Nightstarx Ltd, a biopharmaceutical spinout company of Oxford the University of Oxford developing gene therapies for inherited retinal diseases, and researchers from the University of Oxford.
21 Feb 2017
Self-administered weekly transcorneal stimulation in patients with retinitis pigmentosa was found safe and tolerable over one year of treatment, but the study failed to meet its primary endpoint of enlarged visual field area.
16 Feb 2017
Researchers show that GARP2 accelerates retinal degeneration in mice, and have made an important step toward creating a standardized nomenclature between mice and humans for a measurement of retinal degeneration.
31 Jan 2017
The US Food & Drug Administration has granted GenSight’s developing drug, GS030, Orphan Drug Disease Designation for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa.
17 Jan 2017
A novel gene-editing method has been found to partially restore sight in rats bred with RP.
13 Jan 2017
A stem cell-based transplantation approach that restores vision in blind mice moves closer to being tested in patients with end-stage retinal degeneration, according to a study published January 10 in Stem Cell Reports.

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