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This section describes technology which is accessible to people with a visual impairment, and which helps us in our day to day lives. It briefly describes each technology or piece of equipment with links to more detail about that equipment in external web pages.

We welcome comments on these pages and especially suggestions for technology or equipment which could usefully be added to these pages.

The various technologies are described in the following sections. The links to each section can be found in the navigation bar to the left of this page.
  • Computer Access.
    This page describes how useful computers are to those with a visual impairment and how they can be accessed using screen readers and/or screen magnifiers. It covers both Windows and Apple Macintosh and iPad computers. It also includes information on alternative easy to see keyboards and touch typing tuition.

  • Mobile Phones.
    This page describes accessible mobile phones and covers both mainstream phones and phones specially designed for the visually impaired. It includes information on how you can use the global positioning system (GPS) with your mobile phone to find your way when travelling.

  • Accessible Books.
    This page describes various sources of accessible books and magazines both in audio and text format, together with information on accessible equipment which will play them.

  • TV and radio.
    This page describes set top boxes which enables you to fully access digital TV including program guides, audio description and digital recording and playback.

  • Music Tuition.
    This page describes how you can learn to play various musical instruments without having to read printed music.

  • Reading Print.
    This page describes how you can use technology to read printed material. It covers video magnifiers, scanners and digital cameras attached to a computer and applications which enable you to read printed text using a smart phone.

  • Kitchen aids.
    This page describes accessible kitchen equipment such as talking ovens and talking scales.

  • Miscellaneous.
    This page describes other useful technology such as a colour detector, a bank note denomination indicator, and labelling technology.

Here are some links to external web sites which provide reviews of equipment which may help those with a visual impairment.

  • Technology information from the Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB).
    This is information on technology from the Royal National Institute of Blind people.

  • Access World Technology.
    This is a bi-monthly free Internet magazine published by the American Federation of the Blind. It contains a good selection of articles on accessibility issues and reviews of assistive technology products. It includes a facility to search back issues for articles on specified topics.

  • Blind Cool Tech.
    This site provides podcasts (audio recordings) of reviews and demonstrations of a wide variety of products of interest to those with a visual impairment. You can listen to an article online or you can download it to your computer or audio player to listen to later. It is frequently updated with information on the latest technology.

  • The monthly Email magazine Access IT from the royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB).
    This costs £0.71 per issue. It contains reviews of services and products of interest to those with a visual impairment, many of which are written by visually impaired contributors. Each issue also includes a very useful news section with succinct information on the latest new products and services.

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