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Kitchen Equipment

Both the Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB) and Cobolt products for the blind and visually impaired have entire sections of their catalogues devoted to kitchen and cooking aids. Here are just a few of the items:
  • Liquid level indicator from the RNIB.
    Making a drink has never been easier with our Liquid Level Indicator. It helps prevent hot water and other liquids from overflowing while making a drink. Place the device on the side of a cup and it will let you know when the liquid has reached the top through a series of audible beeps or vibrations.

  • Talking microwave combination oven from Cobolt.
    This combination oven is an easy to use fully talking microwave with convection oven and grill. These can be used separately or in various combinations to achieve the optimum and most flexible cooking arrangements of your choice. There are numerous pre-programmed functions for cooking specific foods such as jacket potato, fish, vegetables, pasta and so on as well as a number of roasting programs. The weight of the item to be cooked is entered on the keypad and the oven automatically uses a combination of microwave, convection and grill for best results. The oven speaks all cooking and programme information. Up to 3 cooking programmes can be stored on the 3 favourite buttons so favourite cooking routines are available at the touch of a button. The oven has a rugged stainless steel interior and the buttons provide a tactile feedback. The Microwave is 900 watts, the Grill is 1250 watts and the oven is 1350 watts.

  • Talking microwave oven from Cobolt.
    With three "Favourite" buttons to store your three most frequently used programmes and a fully tactile and wipe clean keypad, the microwave has a power rating of 850 watts and is a 23 litre / 0.8 cu ft oven. It has a full range of features, including: rotating turntable, talking clock, adjustable speech volume and talking kitchen timer independent of the oven. Basic operation is by selecting power level and time. Programmed operation is by selecting cook / defrost, food type and weight or by selecting from a range of frozen and un-frozen convenience foods and weight. It has auto-minute and programme pause functions, spoken requests to stir or turn food during cooking and to leave food to stand after cooking. The oven speaks when the door is opened or closed and speaks confirmation of functions selected and cooking time. The time remaining is spoken at the press of a button at any stage whilst cooking. Remarkably easy to use.

  • Talking measuring jug from Cobolt.
    This jug has a high quality male voice. It measures in imperial - pints and fluid ounces, metric - litres and millilitres and U.S. - pints and fluid ounces and can convert its readings between any of these. The user selects the type of liquid to be measured, either water, milk, oil based or user defined. Liquid can be added either with the jug on a worktop or held in the hand. The contents of the jug are spoken at the press of a button or automatically as a liquid is added. A reset function enables the reading to be set to zero once a measurement has been taken, without emptying the container, to allow a measured volume of a second liquid to be added. The user defined function allows the jug to be calibrated for any liquid, or indeed any solid if your recipe calls for a litre of sugar for instance! The container is removable for easy cleaning and can hold up to 2 litres of liquid. Speech volume is adjustable.

  • Talking kitchen scales from the RNIB.
    This is a slimline battery-operated talking kitchen scale that announces the weight in a clear male English voice in either grams/kilograms or ounces/pounds. It has a transparent bowl that also has a spout to help pour out ingredients. It has tactile and large print operating buttons which are easy to identify. It has a facility to reset the weight to zero so that you can add successive ingredients to the bowl. It weighs up to 3kg (6.6lb) and announces in graduations of 1g (1/8oz). The weight is also shown on the LCD display with characters measuring 1.4cm (0.5 inches).
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