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Affiliated Groups

As well as our key membership of Retina International (RI) we are members of four other organisations listed below.

RP Fighting Blindness will also work with other groups on projects as appropriate. We signpost members to other organisations providing services for visually impaired people, as we do not have the resources (or desire!) to duplicate what other agencies do so well.

The Association of Medical Research Charities

amrc logo
AMRC is a membership organisation of the leading medical and health research charities in the UK. Working with member charities and partners, AMRC aims to support the sector's effectiveness and advance medical research by developing best practice, providing information and guidance, improving public dialogue about research and science, and influencing government. AMRC was established in 1987 and now has over 130 members. These charities contribute over hundreds of millions of pounds each year to medical research aimed at tackling a wide variety of diseases and disabilities.

Did you know that over one third of all public expenditure on medical and health research in the UK comes from the medical research charities, this is unique internationally in terms of scale and impact.

The AMRC website is at

The Genetic Alliance

Genetic Alliance
The Genetic Alliance (formerly known as GIG) is an umbrella organisation of patient groups which support people affected by genetic disorders. The Genetic Alliance works to promote awareness and understanding of genetic disorders so that high quality services for people affected by genetic conditions are developed and made available to all who need them. They do this by educating and raising awareness amongst opinion formers, people of influence and the public about human genetics and genetic disorders.

Their website is at

Vision 2020 UK

Vision 2020 UK logo and link
VISION 2020 UK is an umbrella organisation which facilitates greater collaboration and co-operation between organisations within the UK which focus on vision impairment and operate on a national, regional or international basis.

The Vision 2020 Uk website is at

VISION 2020 UK is also a supporting member of the VISION 2020 Global Initiative. For details of the worldwide programme visit

The Helpline Partnership

The Helplines Partnership works with members' helplines to achieve the highest quality response to all those seeking information, advice and help on health, social welfare or educational issues via the telephone and other interactive technology.

The RP Helpline benefits from The Helplines Partnership good practice guidelines, training, evaluation and consultancy services. It also works with other stakeholders including government departments, OFCOM and telecoms providers, to enable organisations to provide quality, accessible and confidential helpline services to the public.

The Helplines Partnership website is at

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