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What does RP Fighting Blindness do exactly?

Our mission and vision is stated on the front page of this website.

We exist to do two things; our first objective is to find a treatment for RP, a genetic disease of the eye which results in the deterioration of vision, and often complete blindness. We do this by raising funds for medical and scientific research and using this money to stimulate and support cutting edge projects ranging from basic science to clinical trials of potential treatments. Since inception, we have invested millions of pounds into the search for a cure and we are proud to have stimulated significant breakthroughs. There is a long way to go, but as an organisation we believe that a cure will be found, the timescale will be determined by the quality and quantity of research undertaken. In turn this is related, of course, to the amount of money invested.

Secondly, we provide key information and support services to people with RP, their families, and indeed anyone with an interest in the condition. We deliver information through this extensive website, our quarterly magazine, The RP Pathway and through a range of leaflets and booklets. We provide support through a network of local groups linking people together socially and in times of need. Our confidential Helpline (telephone and email) brings information and support together and is accessible to all, providing assistance on everything from basic facts and day-to-day problems to coping with major stress at difficult times.

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