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Raising Awareness of RP in Devon

16 February 2017

Reporter Matt Smart of the North Devon Gazette and local councillor David Chalmers joined Julie Adnams Hatch in Barnstaple town centre this month to learn more about issues faced by people with RP. They were given RPFB sim specs which simulate tunnel vision to give them an idea of the everyday challenges people with the condition can face.

You can read about how they got on by visiting the North Devon Gazette website at the link below.

Running local awareness campaigns like this can be an effective way of raising awareness of RP, and can educate the public about some of the challenges faced by visually impaired people.

If you would like some of our free sim specs to run a similar local campaign, or would simply like to share them with friends or family, please either call us at the office on 01280 821334, or email and we'll be happy to supply you some.

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